STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES of numbers in numerology

STRENGTHS of different numbers

Number One: leadership, individualism, courage, boldness, determined, creativity, pioneering, ambitious.

Number Two: sensitive, cooperative, responsible, balanced, patient, loving, supportive, modest.

Optimizing DVD Ripping Speed on Your PC: 6 Hints

Hint #1: Switch on DMA (stands for Direct Memory Access)

DVD drives manufactured in last years normally have DMA enabled, which means that computer's RAM (memory) can be directly accessed for read/write operations without involving central processor. But if DMA is switched off for the drive, it cannot operate at optimal speed.

Benefits of Data Encryption
Securing the data is necessary for commercial organizations. If company loses all important information for no matter what the reason is (a physical theft or a natural disaster), the consequences may be unpredictable and even ruin the whole business. Among numerous security mechanisms the most effective for protecting any confidential information is data encryption.
Antivirus software
Unfortunately, computer viruses became such a common part of our everyday interaction with computer and internet that almost everybody nowadays understands that there may be a threat in downloading unknown files and programs to the hard drive.
How To Protect Your Data on the Internet
For the last decade the Internet has changed the way we live and interact with our life. Nowadays we buy apparel and electronics in online stores just sitting in our comfortable chairs and without spending any time or money on the trip. Your favorite movies, games, songs - almost everything now may be downloaded from the Internet. Even dealing with money on your bank account in most cases doesn't need visiting bank anymore. Moreover, the number of things you can do online increases every day.
Files Recovery Guide

In any situation when you have your data lost the number one rule you should follow is not to write any information to the hard drive that was damaged.
If you accidentally deleted an existing partition, leave the space blank and do not create any new partition.

What is Data Encryption ?
Data encryption is the method of using algorithmic schemes and mathematical calculations to transform plain text into ciphered text, thus making it non-readable and unusable for unauthorized parties. To decrypt an encrypted message the recipient must use a special key that triggers the mechanism and transforms text back to the original version.
Advice on managing your movie collection

Manual managing your movie collection makes you tired? Is chosen for dealing with your collection software difficult to use? Don't you need an easy-to-use movie database software?

Restoring Factory Hard Drive Capacity if HDD Shows up as 32 MB on Empty HDD

The factory hard drive capacity loss becomes more and more common problem of very large capacity drives (i.e. 1 TB), though it is not specific to any concrete hard drive manufacturer. Sometimes it happens with existing hard drives that are full of data or even with brand new drives. Anyway, data portion in most cases isn't affected. So if your hard drive suddenly showed that its capacity is equal to 32 MB or another false small value, stay calm, your data must still be there.

What is Data Recovery?
Data recovery means the process when the corrupt or inaccessible data is being retrieved from the damaged or in some way corrupted digital media. It is frequently used when the data needs to be recovered from such devices as DVDs, CDs, Floppy Disks, Hard Disk Drives, Xboxes, Mobile Phones, Tapes, Memory Cards, Personal Digital Assistants and many other items.
Recovering flash disk data

Flash disks became omnipresent media for everything from digital cameras and mp3 players to computer data. Due to its capacity floppy disks were replaced as a way of carrying data. Flash disks have no moving parts as they are solid-state. It only requires plugging into the USB drive to be connected with the computer and automatically recognized by it, which means it does not require any additional software to be installed. Flash drives have a lifetime of millions of write-erase cycles and may be used for as long as 10 years, which is more than twice longer than in case of hard disks.

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