The 'Wheel' screen is the main screen in the program. From other screens you can go to it by pressing the wheel button located in the program menu

The 'Wheel' is interactive, - it has a lot of functions, controlled directly by the mouse, affecting the elements of the map image.

The map view and relative dimensions of the map image elements are customized by the user, depending on his preferences, the nature of the operation, the computer settings, etc. All settings are done in the window

The elements of 'Wheel' window:

1 - Current date and time

2 - VeBest Astrology Manual

3 - On/Off display Table of aspect

4 - On/Off display Table of angle

5 - Display wheel/aspect table. The aspect table is the output of an aspect table fragment for the cusp of this house. If you right-click on the symbol of the Zodiac in the table - the text of the astrological description of this sign will appear

6 - Display of Wheel

7 - Display of House cusp

8 - Type of Chart

9 - Display the planets panel

10 - Panel of Aspect


If you click on the symbol of the zodiac, a planet or house cusp in a wheel will display information about the selected character.


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