Main window elements

The main window of the program contains the following elements:

1 – Wheel.

Screen 'Wheel' - the main in the astroprocessor. It displays a horoscope map and an aspect chart.

2 – Forecast.

Forecast - automatically generated document, containing an astrological description of this horoscope.

3 – Aspects

The table of planetary aspects used in the forecasts for the period is one type of graph aspects.

4 – Ephemeris Table

This table shows the distribution of planets, asteroids, lots, and other objects selected for calculation.

5 – Ephemeris Graph

The graph projection reflects the total effect on the native of astrological factors during a period.

6 – Map

This screen displays a map. It determines the geographical coordinates of the event site.

7 – Report

Set of reports designed to get an interpretation of this horoscope.

8 – Chart

Horoscope editor and forecasts interpreting the form of a web page with images of maps, graphics, and other horoscope data.

9 – Astrological setting

System settings and settings - calculation parameters, dimensions, and color of the map elements.

10 – Personal Birth Information

Personal data of the user

11– Partner Birth Information

Partner's personal data

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