The Moon

moon, space, satelliteIt is a well-known fact to everybody that the Moon is the only satellite of our native planet. This is a very old heavenly body, which age is about 4.6 billion years. Accordingly, it appeared within some 50 million years after the creation of our system. This body always faces our planet with one and the same side. Both bodies are synchronized and move at the same tempo. The first walk on this body was made in 1969 by the team of Apollo 11. The first mission without human presence was made in 1959 by the Soviet Union.

Some people may not know the fact that both sides of the moon receive the same amount of sun energy. However, we can see only one of its sides. These bodies move with the same speed and it is simply impossible to see both sides. There is only one occasion when we can see the dark side too. it can be made from the spaceship.

The control the tides' levels on the Earth

The gravity powers of the moon created two bulges in our planet. One of them meets it directly. In the meanwhile, another one cannot face it and is located on another side. As the Earth moves, the bulges move too. The gravity power of the moon strongly affects the enhancement or lowering of the tides in the entire world.

A movement away from the Earth

There is an interesting fact about the distance between our planet and the moon. Though it seems that the distance is kept. Notwithstanding, this heavenly body moves away from us. Each year this distance increases for 3.8 cm. This has a definite impact on the natural developments on the Earth because of the power of the on influences our planet. Right now, the distance is 27 days. Nevertheless, within the next 50 billion years, it will increase up to 47 days.

Our weight is lesser at the Moon

Our planet's gravity is stronger for it possesses bigger weight. Therefore, our weight at the moon's surface will be 16.5% lesser than on the Earth. Thanks for this fact the astronauts can move with greater and higher jumps.

There are only 12 people who have ever walked on the Moon

The first man who has ever walked on the surface of the moon is famous Neil Armstrong. This incredible historical event took place in the year 1969. The last person who walked there was Gene Cernan. Afterward, there were sent only vehicles. In general, 12 people walked on its surface and all of them were from the U.S.A.

The absence of atmosphere

Its surface does not possess any protection from sunrays, meteorites and other things. Because of that fact, there are uncontrolled and unexpected changes in temperature. The sky there is always black and there are no sounds at all. It does not possess any kind of atmosphere.

There happen Moonquakes

Though this body does not have its atmosphere, it has its own gravity. It is lower than on the Earth. The implementation of seismographs showed that there were detected real quakes. They were small and took a few kilometers. They induced small cracks and there is a belief that this body has the same or very similar molten core as on our planet.

The Moon belongs to the top-5 biggest satellites in the Solar System

The diameter of this heavenly body is 3.475 km and its size is smaller than the satellites of other planets, which are much bigger in size. Even our planet is bigger by 80 times. Nevertheless, the age of both bodies is almost similar. One of the most incredible theories claims that it used to be a part of the earth. However, after something crashed into the planet, the moon departed and became Earth's satellite. It belongs to the 5 biggest satellites in the entire System.

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