The affection of the moon on the financial market

moon, money, increaseThere are multiple proofs that lunar phases have a strong influence on the finances. It may be useful for you to learn a bit more about this quality.

Definitely, it is of great importance to understand all meanings and properties of the lunar phases. These are full and new ones. It is essential for all people who deal with money in large amounts (businessmen, traders, bankers and so on) to know when each phase begins and ends. In such way, they will be able to analyze the development of so many things and make use out of it. They may create a plan and due to precise predictions earn more than commonly.

The definition of lunar phase

We can see the phases of the moon from our planet. This is the portion of sunlight, which is reflected on its surface. Depending on the positioning and relation of our planet, it may differ. The phases run in cycles. Due to gravity circumstances, we can see only one of the moon’s sides. Various areas of this body receive sunlight in different time periods.

The definition of New moon

There was introduced a novel term “lunar conjunction”. This is a single file that goes in the next order – Earth - Moon - Sun. After this conjunction, we can see the New moon. It takes place each 28 days.

The definition of Full moon

In the course of the following two weeks, the visible edges of the moon grow in their sizes. The entire hemisphere is visible within 14 days. This event is recognized as the Full moon. When it takes place, the positioning is the next – Sun - Earth - Moon. This is the opposition of moon and sun. After the sun sinks, we will be able to observe the full moon, which will appear over the horizon.

While these two weeks last, the part of the moon, which is lit with sunrays will become smaller. This is a repeatable process that goes ever on. This period of time is calculated with a mathematical formula.

According to the calculations, the most profitable business days are 1-14 days of the moon phase. The possibility of success enhances with the growth of the visible areas of the moon. While this period lasts, all busy people make sign significant negotiations, take important decisions, bring to life novel financial and business projects. In most cases, you will enjoy a tremendous success and will sufficiently increase your earnings.

The next 14 days from the 15th to 28th of the phase are unfavorable for conducting business. You should put aside for a while all novel projects and ideas. Commonly, they are doomed to fail. Therefore, you should give more heed to the present obligations. Fulfill your routine duties and you will escape mistakes.

Smart folks may receive great dividends from these observations. There are simple rules. The new moon means the novel beginnings. The name of this phase gives you a nice hint of what to undertake in the next 14 days. This is a very favorable period to launch the novel ideas. You should act decisively. Be sure in your actions. Do not be afraid for experiments. Acquire, sell, negotiate and so on.

The next rule is to calm down. You should not hurry and refuse to make serious decisions. You may fail and lose too much. Therefore, you should get busy with some less important tasks, which require only some slight corrections.

You should learn the beginning and fading of each phase. Thus, you will know what to do in the course of the days that will follow.

The special graphs and mathematical calculations show the meaning of each stage. For instance, the unluckiest days last from 25th to 28th. While they are in power, the financial growth will be the lowest in the month. In most occasions, people only lose their money and their businesses may crush down.

If you wish to earn money and have a serious business, the knowledge about these days will be utterly helpful for you. You will be able to avoid unexpected and unnecessary losses. Besides, you will know for sure when your ideas will bring the maximal benefits. Consequently, you should learn all of them. This is not difficult and will not take too much of your precious time.

The stars are capable of assisting us in different ways. This is just one of many. Do not miss such an excellent opportunity.


In order to understand all the thoughts, beliefs, theories and so on that were mentioned above, one should read the next graph:

Annualized returns, graphic

- In most occasions, we can see the Full Moon related to a High and the New Moon related to a Low. Under the condition, some of the rules do not work 9these are less than 25% of all occasions), we realize that the astrological happenings are related to a very serious and important market point.

Many people worked really hard to draw some dependable conclusions and to define some rules. You can determine and confirm these parallels when dealing with the studies of this type.

Do not think that we try to convince you that astrology is perfect and tells everything precisely. We simply operate with the proven and long studies facts. It is for you to decide whether they are trustworthy. This may be really helpful for you. Try to understand the importance of the given above facts and make your own conclusions.

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