Past changed by Future

fantastic, moon, spaceOne of the most intriguing questions people ever asked was whether the past is capable of altering the future. The Bizarre quantum experiment claims that such possibility does exist. You can check it yourself.

Our past has a direct and very powerful affection on the course of the future events. Notwithstanding, there appears another logical question. Probably, our future can affect the present and past as well.

Thanks for quantum mechanics, there exists such probability. This is pretty intriguing and there has been shown the actual evidence.

The scholars of the U.S.A. have invented a series of novel experiments, which probe the properties and capabilities of the quantum mechanics of single particles. The state of these particles is not known. However, before they are measured they are absolutely undefined. The act of such kind of measurements makes the particle collapsing to a definite degree.

Kater Murch, who is a professor at Washington University, assures that when figuring out the future results of a particle it would be possible to find how it changes the past. If not knowing this data, the state remains unchanged.

One can interpret this statement as - if one knows the future happenings, one can alter the past.

In other words, the things that have been already done in the future influence the course of the events in our present days. In regard to the future, our time is the past.

Of course, this is only a theory, though and amazing one. Nevertheless, there were invented special devices that allow measuring these quantum systems and find out whether there is any affection and changing of the events.

The recent study claims that the quantum time in our universe moves both ways - forwards and backward. In the meanwhile, the classical world assures that the time can run only forwards. There is no possibility of going back in the past. What theory is true? It is not known yet. However, the incredible progress of the modern science and technology may answer this question in the nearest future. Will it alter the past? We will see...


The demonstration by the physicists of how time runs back and how the future influences the past

You will find many people who believe that the previous deeds actually influence the present developments. Consequently, the present events affect our future. Nonetheless, there will be a few persons who would believe that the future affects the past. In fact, most of us would have never even thought about such possibility if not reading this unbelievable and a bit weird statement. However, this thought may gain a great popularity in the case the scholars will be able to prove it. Therefore, it is essential to give more heed to the realm of physics.

Most people, amongst which are multiple scientists, hold on to the classical world formed by a famous researcher and physicist Newton. Our time moves forward and cannot go back. This means that all the things may exist only in one place and at one time. Notwithstanding, the researchers of Australia National University have developed another theory. Quantum physics can change all previous classical beliefs.

You may view a novel study in Nature Physics. The novel theory introduces says that our time can move both ways and the things exist in multiple places. Thus, all previous beliefs should be reconsidered. The future has an affection for the present and past.

This conclusion may seem to be absurd. However, two essential experiments may make change the opinions of the most skeptical "classics". One of them was conducted in 2015. Murch compared it with the situation when we leave the keys in some place and were not able to remember that place. According to the theory of the quantum world, those keys could exist in any place in parallel.

In the case, you find them in your bedroom they were clearly there all the time in accordance with the classical world. However, their positioning in the quantum world is uncertain. The professor was able to tell how to guess their location more precisely in the past.

This guess may be compared with the edge of an arrow. It is double-headed and times goes both ways. The scholar does not understand why so many people think only in one direction. There are multiple alternatives. He has great hopes that within some time, other people will contribute to the solution of this issue. Thus, the future contribution may prove the affection on the past.

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