The Code

BBC Documentary by Marcus du Sautoythe code, Marcus du Sautoy

Numbers possess an incredible power and they rule the universe. Probably, there is a special code, which leads us to perfection. It may help us to see who we are and how the things happen.

Every direction and sphere of science require a television talisman. There is a need in a dependable and outstanding leader who would be an excellent representative of its direction. Regardless of the subject, this might be natural history, physics, chemistry and many others. Every branch has its universal leader who perfectly shows all the mainstreams of the science. Therefore, mathematics also deserves to have such remarkable personality.

When making allowances for mathematics, one should obligatory mention Professor Marcus du Sautoy. He is the author of convincing, intriguing and important series on BBC Two. The professor inspired other followers and showed the magic and power of the figures. Thanks for his researches, we can find the answers for so many essential questions.

The Code: Numbers, Shapes and Prediction

There is a mysterious code, which possesses an unbelievable knowledge and is able to cast away the shadow of the unknown. However, it is not easy to interpret it. The professor offers all curious minds to make an amazing journey into the world of numbers to find the answer to the greatest secrets of the universe.

This code may be called unique. It contains great knowledge and is capable of explaining all the things in the universe. It reveals the essentials of shapes, numbers and the rules we follow.

Numbers. The first episode tells us the significance of the numbers. He explains their meaning in the natural world. They are an important part of the hidden mathematical code, which may tell us how the rules govern everything in our world from the smallest thing to the biggest one.

Shapes. The scientists try to discover all extraordinary aspects and qualities of the code. He reveals the natural order of the things from a simple stone to honeycomb and so on. Everything has its beginning and end. All the things possess their own meanings and have some definite goal for the universe.

Marcus also pays attention to the rules that rule the apparent randomness of different things, which commonly escape humans' attention. He focuses on all the things - rocks, clouds, trees and so on. The scientist tries to explore every single detail. This makes a great sense.

Prediction. The issue of time is always interesting. All of us are curious about what will happen next. We try to predict how the things may develop in the future and wish to use the predictions to our advantage. The professor wishes to show the supernatural powers of the universe and explores all possibilities. The code can say what awaits all of us.

In addition, the scientist tells how to prevent death by figuring out the serial killers and something of the kind. He discovers the most important things that concern our life. It goes without saying that such information is actually in a great demand.


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