Expert bundle - the professional tools for your business growth

Our Expert products are a fantastic opportunity for your business growth.

- Are you looking for a way to easily expand your spiritual health business?

- Get a growing queue of the customers that will want to use your services again and again?

- Already have many clients, but you want to increase revenue by providing additional automated services without spending your time on every deal?

- Want to raise your reputation?

- Want to provide more value to your clients, so that they will stay with your services forever?

- Don't want to compete by the price and to have service that is always in demand?


If any of these points apply to you, you are in the right place and at the right time!

The fact that your services aren't in demand that you have expected is not your fault. Such things happened with all of us. But I have good news for you - they can be fixed! The primary reason that potential clients are not want to use your services is that they don't trust your company, personally, or to your services.

The use of our expert bundle service will help you with the improvement of your trust.

1. Customers will trust you by seeing your profile on a set of our popular websites.

2. You will get additional potential customers from our astrology and numerology websites.

3. You will increase your income by reselling personal astrology and numerology reports. We will establish an online report generator with payment processing directly on your website.

4. Your customers' engagement will be increased by adding the core numbers numerology calculator to your website.

5. We will increase your website search engine visibility. You will get more natural traffic and many new clients.


Choose your action:

Featured listing

Get a featured listing on our websites related to Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, and other spiritual practice. We have dozens with 5k-30k/month traffic from search engines per every site.

$19.95 / monthly per website (you can order up to 5 sites)


Search engine visibility

Get search engine visibility improvement. We will publish ten articles promoting your services on the appropriate websites and provide you with the checklist of the regular activities you should do with your website. Our marketer specializing exactly on a spirituality website niche will review your website to apply all required optimizations. You will have guaranteed increased traffic. Our specialists already did this a lot of time.

$49.95 / monthly


Online report generator

Access to professional features - numerology widgets and astrology+numerology API will allow you to sell and generate reports automatically. Our specialist will establish code on your site and integrate it with your payment system.

$59.95 / monthly, $99.95 setup fee


Full Expert bundle

I will get all possibilities and will save money!

- Astrology + Numerology + Moonlight professional license ($49.95+$49.95+$9.95)

- Search engines visibility ($49.95/month)

- Your profile featured on five websites (>100k monthly visitor) (5 x $19.95/month)

- Automated astrology+numerology reports and access to website widgets ($99.95+$59.95/month)

- Direct priority support through messenger (available only in this package)

Total price: $210 / monthly + $210 setup fee

$159.95 / monthly, $159.95 setup fee




The reply is always sent by email 24H or less. If you didn't get a respond - check your email SPAM, Promotion, and other folders!


Note. All packages are delivered manually by our staff. Depending on the chosen package, it will take 3-10 business days.


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