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Looking at the pure night sky we used to admire the wonderful view of moon disk. It may appear before us in all its beauty… It may hide in the shade of Earth partly… But it is always beautiful. Almost everyone knows that the Moon is able to influence not just flood and ebb, but the state of health of the habitant of our planet (people, plants, animals i.e. all alive organisms). Besides, it influences different other things. Most probably majority of people had heard about moon calendar. But do all know what is it? Why do we need it? For a long time, during many thousands of years, a man observed the nature and its behavior, seasons, different nature phenomenon and tried to find the laws of nature and regularities. Omens appeared in such way. Trying to find answers for different questions people resorted to the help of heavenly bodies. One of the most significant of them is Moon, of cause. It was proved that the phases of Moon influence many processes on the Earth. So, taking into account all the knowledge received during many years, it was created Moon calendar. What can it help in?


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The calendar is able to help to choose the best time for moving into new flat, for marriage, for planning children, holidays, journey, building of house and so on. It can give advice when to go to doctor. As well with the help of Moon calendar you may know when it is better to organize the celebration, to be along some time, to hear your intuition, to take decisions, to avoid conflicts, to meet people. Maybe it is funnily, but it can even advice what to prepare for breakfast today.

It is not necessary to learn the special science and spend time for the studying of books on Moon phases. You may use the program VeBest MoonLight. Now it is available the second version of these Moon calendar program. This functional calendar program gives the characteristic of a day as well as characteristic of a person. Besides, it gives recommendations on health, body care, agriculture, days for marriage. It allows searching the necessary phase in the range of 1000 years. VeBest MoonLight has nice interface. That is why it is not just useful, but pleasant to work with. It can work as the badge of the system panel. There is even opportunity to add notes for calendar days. One of the advantages of the program is free activation on the site of developer. VeBest MoonLight  calculates exactly and shows the number of Moon day, time of beginning and end of Moon day, time of moon rise and moon set. The program defines exactly the position of Moon in zodiac, the phase of Moon (ascending moon, increasing Moon, new Moon, full Moon). This program can even define the time of new Moon, full Moon for the 1000 years for the past and future as well; time of phase change (current phase, nearest new Moon, nearest full Moon, nearest the second quarter, nearest the last quarter); the quality of day (day of warmth, day of cold, day of air, day of water).

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On the base of calculations VeBest MoonLight supplies you with the following data: the common characteristic of the day, moon horoscope of a person who was born this day, characteristic of mood and health on this day, recommendations on body care and meals, information about influence in sphere of business and finances, information concerning agriculture, favorable and unfavorable days for marriage, hair cutting, hair care.

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Now you see how many spheres of your life Moon influences. VeBest MoonLight helps you to know and understand many nuances, thanks that you are able to improve your life. Studies about Moon and its influence are rather old. Astronomers and pagan priests were interested in it since ancient times. The mentioning about Moon, its phases and its influence on human life are met in different forms of notes of different tribes including tribes of Egypt, Asia, Africa and the South America. Moon was always the mystery and the secret for people. We may not underestimate its power. It is enough just to observe everything and make conclusions. If we do it we'll make certain that there is regularity and appropriateness of all what is happen.



- Geographical moon phases calculation;
- Moon phases interpretation - General Characteristic of the Day and Born this day;
- Hair Care readings;
- Business & Finances readings;
- Gardening with lunar calendar readings;
- Health & Nutrition readings;
- Mood readings;
- Wedding readings;
- Graphical calendar;
- Modern easy to use interface.


System requirements:

- Windows 10/8/7 (32 and 64), MacOS 10.9 or higher;
- Internet connection (for startup activation).


Version 3.1.0
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