VeBest MoonLight Manual



Note: Mac App Store applications do not require registration

Download and Install your software. Launch program, click on 'Registration' button (red arrow up).

registration 1


Copy & Paste your serial number from your registration email. Avoid any leading/trailing spaces. During registration your Internet connection should be active and not blocked by antivirus/firewall.

Click 'Accept' to confirm registration.

registration 2


After successful registration you get a confirmation

registration 3


Quick Start Guide


Enter your current location. Click 'Settings' button and choose your city:

Step 1


Type your city name and choose from hints list

Step 2


Now you can read reports. Tap on 'Reports' button and choose interpretatation category

Step 3


Switch between lunar calendar and moon void of course.

Step 4

Click on a any date on calendar and get information for this day, or you can type date manualy and using arrows.

Step 5


Find custom day with specified parameters: moon day, zodiac signs. For example - moon day 5 with Gemini sign, from November 18, 2016 and shows 4 matching results.

Step 6


Easily go to date of the full/new moon.

Step 7


Settings window



- Select your city (1);
- Enter custom city coordinates (2);
- Change size of program interface (3);
- Turn off automatic updates (4);