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3D on tablets without the glasses
Monday, 30 August 2010 17:46


Rockchips Supernova X1Everyone is doing 3D these days. Nintendo 3DS and Rockchip Supernova X1 works on tablet, that shows 3D without the eyeglasses. It was found on displays in China. Nintendo's 3DS wouldn't be the only one eyeglasses-free 3D tablet for long. Prototype from Rockchip called The Supernova X1, doing similar lenticular trickery to make images appear in a three dimensions.

New Supernova X1 by Rockchip is only available as prototype. There is no information about the price. Since this is only a prototype - we don’t even know operating system it runs on. This chip is based on a SoC technology and the lack of videos to showcase its capability can be explained through the limited number of applications, games and movies available in 3D.

Display tech it uses remains confidential, but the Disney footage being displayed had to be prepared  in some way to make it appear in a 3D. Like the Nintendo console, the 3D effect can be adjusted or disabled. Everything should be revealed at next week IFA.