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Dating site left cloud services of Amazon
Tuesday, 14 August 2012 16:25


The Internet dating site has bid goodbye to Amazon Web Services after ruthless East Coast thunderstorms known as derecho which was originated by severe heat waves blew away one of Amazon’s information centers last weekend causing disruption of services.

The storm had an average speed of 60 miles per hour and left several people without power for several days and killed five people. The disruption, which initiated since last Friday sustained through Saturday before it was repaired. Since mid June, this was the second time that there was service interruption in Amazon Web Services. Customers of what’s your  were very upset with the frequent power outages of Amazon Web Services as per what’s your

The founder of what’s your added that the frequent power disruptions took a toll on the most well known dating site and most customers de registered themselves from the same. As per customers, dating is about meeting the right kind of person at the right time, which if not performed in time may result in not meeting forever. Therefore it is very necessary that there is 100% uptime for the services. Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) puts across a pay-as-you-go work out services for customers. In an email answer to a Computerworld query, an Amazon representative assumed that the relentless thunderstorms caused AWS to lose the prime backup generator power to a segment of one "Availability Zone" in the US-East Region on Friday night.

In general conditions, Amazon has 10 data centers in that region as back up. The severe thunderstorm of Friday night, impacted the efficacy power of  several  the data centers, however only in one of them the surplus power not operate appropriately which resulted in impacting a single digit percentage of  Amazon EC2 occurrence in the US-East Region. However the ser ices were resumed for most customers on Friday night and the remaining were restored on Saturday as per the spokesperson. Netflix, Instagram, and Pinterest were also influenced by the EC2 outage. The power outage which occurred in mid June was also a result of a sequence of problems with generators and electrical switching apparatus. That was the initiation of customer dissatisfaction leading to complaints from the members, the dating service said.



For business improvements, determined to eternally move its website over to Fiber Hub, a Las Vegas-based hosting facility when this was the second instance of power outage. Leroy Velasquez, public relations manager for Las Vegas-based, stated constant calls to Amazon's customer support team during the June 14 outage generated no response. As per Velasquez, though natural calamities like weather and storms are out of their control, they should have had local equipments and facilities to fight natural calamities like this for improvements in services. Apart from Fiber Hub being positioned in a desert area that is less vulnerable to immense storms, Velasquez said its nearby location ought to make it more receptive to customer service requests.