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Ebay clients spent over $2 billion dollars on mobile apps last year
Monday, 10 January 2011 22:29


According to the debay_logoata of Financial Post online consumers spent over $2 billion dollars during the last year, buying different mobile applications on the biggest auction website eBay.

The amount of sales increased three times in comparison with the previous year. For example, the Internet shoppers spent only $600 million in 2009. The growth looks stunning. The popularity of mobile apps is rising considerably and this is understandable.

The number of people using smartphones and other mobile devices increases with big speed.  App developers release one application after another and some are able to earn much on them. Some free iPhone apps, for instance, are more profitable that paid apps. Compare $0.99 offerings in the AppStore with profit that, for instance, Inedible Software’s Shotgun brings. In-game ads bring about 900 dollars daily to its developers.

Clients are able to use it free but UI bottom shows the ad. As the game is popular and there are over 4 million downloads already, the advertiser pays to the App developer for add impressions.

It is interesting to point out that the game has a paid version without advertisement, which is supplied with better selection of guns but it does not bring so much money. Indian app developers take the leading position in this segment of the market.