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The growth of PayPal customer base
Wednesday, 05 January 2011 21:02


PayPal is turnThe growth of PayPal customer baseing fast into the most widely used way of payment for Internet transactions, in spite of the fact that it was initially launched merely for eBay purchases.

At present, approximately 76 % of American users possess PayPal account. In accordance with the study which was performed by ACG (Auriemma Consulting Group), the amount of clients with PayPal account has increased significantly compared to 55% of population in 2008.

ACG is a famous consulting company that concentrates on analyses in the sphere of financial industry.

The trend to use PayPal which was dominating among young people before no longer refers mainly to young population. About 69% of people from 45 use PayPal account actively.

As it was revealed bigger amount of clientele give preference to PayPal when they buy online and seldom resort to credit cards.

Regardless of the DDoS attacks at this payment service, PayPal is regarded to be one of the most secure and trustworthy global platforms, being acknowledged by many big companies.

Taking into account that e-commerce will increase its popularity in the following years, PayPal will be more admired, earning the confidence of the best part of web shoppers.

Furthermore, ACG states that the percentage of those who are still 'uncomfortable' about entering details of the bank account to PayPal service, has fallen during the last two years from 45% to 31%.