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The most popular CMS in 2010
Saturday, 01 January 2011 15:49


The water & stone AgenThe most popular CMS in 2010cy made a report concerning the use of CMS in 2010. The top remained the same as in the last year.

These are Joomla, Drupal and WordPress, but this year WP left other content management systems behind taking the first place.

About 5000 people were questioned for the survey and CMS are divided by market share and strength of brand.

Huge interest for WP was initiated when it was a blogging engine. At present WordPress is a fully-fledge Content Management System and can boast of 983,625 downloads every week.

That means 126.8% of an annual growth. What is interesting other CMSs taken together, the number of downloads per week was a bit above 200,000.

WP is also the first CMS which became the subject of books which were published in printing in 2010. This also proves that WordPress is the hottest trend among web development tools.

When freelancing websites were surveyed, such as Guru, Elance, WordPress also took the lead as number of WP-related projects were bigger than of any other CMS-related projects.

WordPress can be considered the 2nd fastest growing CMS-related job trend, taking the second place after Concrete5.

Different characteristics were measured in the study, such as brand strength, SE visibility, reputation and Wordpress entered the top3 almost in any category.