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Cuba creates own version of Wikipedia
Monday, 27 December 2010 22:55


The Cuban government wants toCuba_launches_own_Wikipedia launch a Wikipedia of its own version in Spanish, which includes about 20,000 articles now.

“Encyclopedia Cubana” throws light upon the events of the world and this is rather intriguing decision for the country where people’s access to World Wide Web is minimal. Therefore we can make the conclusion that the government of the island is going to spread its propaganda throughout the world. This is also asserted by the Executive Director in the Centre for Free Cuba Frank Calzon. He said that Encyclopedia Cubana was not for the Cuban reader. EcuRed (this way the version is called) targets mainly outside countries and describes the events of the world in its own peculiar way. The fact that the history of the country was re-written many times in accordance with the regime wishes is reflected in Cuban written sources.

In the opinion of Calzon, that the attempts of such massive propaganda became possible because there are many people who still doubt not denying the policy of the country and these hesitations become a source for the support of regime.

The audience of EcuRed targets not USA though, which is the country with a pretty bad rap according to the source. Anti-American moods are consumed by those who do not approve of American model.