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Chinese Twitter-like service Baidu is getting popularity
Saturday, 25 December 2010 18:53


China is developing ittwitter_logos new microblogging service. There have been already over a million users registered on it at the moment.

The project incorporates features similar to the ones Twitter possesses. The new users can be registered only after invitation and one of the requirements is to point the real names at that. The ID is checked by the 3rd party.

According to its main concepts, people should not hide behind the masks, but it should be the spot for interaction of people with real names.

Chinese law requires registration with real names even for gamers who play online.

It is worth saying that Twitter is not allowed in China and just blocked. All in all there are nearly 75 million people using Chinese microblogs and the biggest one is operated by Sina, which is an influential Chinese Internet company. It comprises the majority of all microblog users, and 50 million in particular. Its clients enjoy the feature if alias arrangement. If current evolving microblog initiated by Baidu search engines continues to develop with the same speed, it will become a serious rival on the market of microblogging, but it needs more extensive list of features which would emphasize the company’s benefits though the requirement to verify real name is too much and can be referred to as one of the disadvantages of the resource.