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YouTube will Show Blockbuster Films
Friday, 24 December 2010 23:37


Time of bleeding myoutube-logooney has passed and Google at last proclaimed that YouTube is going to be very profitable resource.

Certainly, the company said the same over a year ago and, while Google continues to assert it nobody is aware if the website brings money or not and if it is then how much the sum is.

The aim of Google concerning YouTube is to raise the revenues. In accordance with rumors the company is starting feature film streaming in the beginning of the next year.

There are already movies and shows on YouTube which are streamed. Actually, the video site has been providing them for quite a while, but no enthusiasm was noticed in connection with this.

There can be diverse explanations of this fact, for instance, YouTube users are probably just not interested in long video or they are not going to pay for the service. Another possible reason is small selection in the present catalog and it will not attract a lot of users.

Different reasons can come together. Google has been conducting negotiations with studios trying to have better selection available. The paid service will be of more interest for people if there are blockbuster movies in the gallery of the video site. Evidently all this will be accompanied by marketing campaign. But no advertisement of the streaming store has been on air so far.

This service can be connected with Google TV, but the platform is not going to be successful without enough content. Google TV will become alluring for users only with famous full-length movies.