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Threat of on-demand video
Sunday, 29 August 2010 00:00


Those who wish to see online video on television screens, are not able to do it without special gadget. The solution is offered by a range of technology companies. All of them strive to win the customer to take firm place on the market. People, looking for low cost alternative to cable TV, apply to them. However, companies find it hard to develop in this segment of the market.  Not all people are technically savvy to deal with software and try to avoid it. Generally it is not necessary to acquire a subscription. Even if it is, its cost is no more than 20 dollars and clients receive access to easily managed menu.

People have alternative to choose from but they do not want to have 400+ channels. The content can be delivered to them in a different way. Service plans will provide content from Internet for you on different terms, let us say for $150, $20 and $5 a month depending on the possibilities you wish to have.

Companies try to attract sizable audience in every way possible but they find it hard yet as all of them are relatively new. They offer devices, software and study watching habits of the average consumer, who does not want to deal with software installation. He just wants an “Internet button” to have video from Internet available on the screen. Even large companies, according to expert opinions, have not yet been successful in this sphere.

Media companies do not want to make programming accessible for clients online. In this case people will not need the services of satellite and cable television and that will become ruinous for many companies. New trend present threat for them. Even such famous companies as Apple can't win followers on this market, but the struggle is going on.  As almost 50% of young viewers (up to 25 y.o.) do not watch television at prime time, the market share is worth struggling for!