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Google and Apple clear out trojan spamming app
Thursday, 23 August 2012 08:50


Apple and Google delapple-googleeted one of their apps from their enriched app stores as they got to know that it was harvesting the phone contacts of the users just as other spam targets.

The app find and call was actually considered as SMS worm but gradually it was revealed as a Trojan and this was unveiled by Kaspersky Lab. This Russian association providing security to software reported Google and Apple about the presence of this malware in these two firms app stores. This Trojan was leading to removals of the apps.

Later Apple reported that they removed this app as it was violating the rules of App Store. Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller said to CNET that the app “Find and Call” was deleted from their App Store for its unauthorized uses of the Address Book Data of the users and it was completely violating App Store guidelines. CNET also contacted Google regarding this dangerous Trojan violating user privacy.

The particular app asked all the users in registering their phone numbers and e-mail address in order to offer the benefit of finding friends from the phone books of the users. Kaspersky reported that the Trojan starts working at that very moment by capturing as well as transmitting the phone book data to remote servers.

The malware then would spam the contacts of the users simply with text messages which seem to be sent by original user and it also includes various links of downloading this malware. People would receive SMS spam messages from trusted senders or sources as the field ‘from’ contains the mobile number of the users.



Both Android and iOS versions uploaded GPS coordinates of the users to remote servers. This very app facilitates users in entering information for various social networks, PayPal and e-mail.

The author of the app answered Russian blog that it was yet in beta. He clearly blamed one of the components’ failure for this spam. In his translated e-mail he also stated that the malicious bug is to be fixed very soon.

Kaspersky Lab states that this is the first time for Apple to have malware in their apps whereas it is nothing new to the app store of Google. Since its 5 years old launch Apple has been consistent in possessing malware free app store.