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Flashback Malware Removal Tools From F-Secure And Apple
Friday, 06 July 2012 10:07


6th April of this appleyear has been an unforgettable day for nearly 600,000 users of OS X based personal computers. Flashback Malware attack has severely affected all those OS X based systems all across the world.

Mac community has already been in the job and putting best of its efforts in analysing the malware and preparation of appropriate tools to get rid of this serious Malware and its infections.

Several agencies have started attempts in this regard immediately after the malware attack and, surprisingly, all those efforts started giving results with in five days of time. Right from the beginning all these efforts have been streamlined properly to curb the Malware at every stage, starting from manually detecting it to the development of tools for its removal from the system.

F-Secure has already started analysing the new malware and its infections in collaboration with other same minded firms. Dr.Web, one of the famous security firms, has already started developing tools for detection and treatment of this most dangerous malware. This tool will give a detailed notification of the status of Malware present in your systems. People who have been discussing the issue on Apple forum have also contributed remarkably by helping people in getting rid of this Malware.

F-Secure, a security company, has taken lead and released the first ever Flashback Malware removal tool. This new tool will not only detect the Malware but also repairs all the damages cause to files by it. Apple followed F-Secure in development of tools for its users. This Apple tool is available in its Apple store in the form of an AppleScript app.

The functioning of this malware detection tool developed by F-Secure is completely independent from the functioning of previously existing F-Secure Anti-Virus scanner. The newly developed tool from F-secure is in the form of a script. This new Malware removal script detects the Malware and other details of infected files and saves it in a zip folder. The user will have the option of sending that folder to several security companies for detailed analysis of the Malware or he can simply delete it.



This new malware treatment tool developed by F-Secure can be stated as technology advancement achieved by the Mac community. This advancement not only helps them in removing the Malware but also helps the users in updation of several other scanners. On the other hand Apple has also released a JavaScript patch which works as a detection tool for this Malware. It seems that efforts by several companies have already started paying off in neutralizing the Malware.