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How many people are ready to pay for web content
Saturday, 08 January 2011 00:00


According to Pew survey, 65% of American Internet users bought content online and it was calculated that the average monthly spending sum was $10.

It refers mainly to the purchase of music, software, videos and other digital products. The sum is not that big but the number of people who wish to pay for the content is high. This is promising information for providers of the content mentioned earlier.

The results showed that the number of those who buy digital content online is equal to online shoppers buying physical goods and services, such as travel trips.

Most often people bought software and music frequently. About 30% of respondents acquired these products. 21% bought applications for mobile devices and 19% paid for the games. 18% acquired subscription to have access to online newspaper or magazine. 16% of online consumers acquired digital video content.

One can find representatives of both sexes among the shoppers. The number of both groups are equal and they differ only in preferences. While men tend to buy software, women prefer other products. People with higher salary spend more money in the web.

Among other popular products are ringtones (15% of respondents), photos (12%), website membership to get access to the content (11%), ebooks (10%) and etc.