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Thursday, 06 January 2011 21:05


As anticipated, Intel has officially annouintel_logonced Core processors of 2nd-generation. But what became a surprise is that the chipmaker presented new online movie service.

When Intel represented the Core processor nobody was surprised but the second news was rather unexpected.

New Core known as “Core 2011” features innovative 32 nm architecture, considerable enhancements on performance and integrated HD graphics potential. All these details were known. But the announcement of movie service became like a rabbit out of the hat: people using Core 2011 will have Intel Insider available – online movie service.

Mooly Eden, the general manager of the Intel Company mentioned in the interview about fantastic capabilities of visual expression in the Core 2011.

Having been constructed on a 32nm the processor contains more transistors on the area which is smaller in size thus decreasing power demands and raising capabilities.

Turbo Boost 2.0 is one of the characteristic of the chip and this is one of the recent improvements introduced. Among its other features is faster performance, Intel Clear Video Technology HD, AVX, standing for Advanced Vector Extensions, Intel InTru 3-D feature.

Nevertheless, the most noteworthy feature introduced into the Core 2011 is integration of the HD graphics into the chip, therefore there is no necessity to apply to AMD and Nvidia at the occasions when excellent graphics is needed.

In general, there are 14 new processors in the line, though at first only high-end versions will appear; the other ones which are not that powerful and have two cores will be later on sale.

Intel astonished all with its movie service, called Intel Insider. Only consumers with computers that have Intel Core 2011 will be able to use it, but nothing about the price policy has been declared yet.