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Sunday, 02 January 2011 17:05


Google is tryingoogle_logog to get triumph in the small business market. Google has been making these efforts as the company is interested in the advertising market, which is rather lucrative.

In addition to products for small businesses in the home market, Google is ready to work in this direction in the international arena.

Google  tries to induce small businesses to employ its AdWords as they advertise the product. Google gives free $100 worth of advertising and about a million of small businesses can take advantage of this possibility.

This is a new approach in business for a company which trusted more algorithms before  than people. Now Goolge thinks about the future saying that small businesses are going to grow next year. Google wants to help them to find the trustworthy way to the customers providing AdWords tool. This is easy and cost-effective way to the customer and advertisement appears just at the moment when the customer is interested in it most of all. The first investment is given to the person when he signs up and this should be done before the new year comes.

The appointment of Marissa Meyer was followed by enhancement of marketing strategies.

Nobody can predict the consequences of such moves. There were cases when companies make a killing by following small businesses. But when the company reports about two billion dollars invested it is hard to foretell.