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Asus will present its tablet next year
Friday, 31 December 2010 14:41


Similar to most pAsus will present its tablet next yearrobable rivals, ASUS will show 1 media tablet as a minimum at CES 2011, and at least one will attract attention.

Until the present time most of the tablets, which have been released already and the ones that are expected to be released in the nearest future have screens with dimension up to 10 inches and this will be the main difference of ASUS tablet from the previous ones.

The company intends to demonstrate the device at the International Consumer Electronics Show, which will take place next year. Being bigger in size than ordinary slate, the features of which were disclosed last week in mass media, it made people discuss the subject. According to the rumors Eee Pad EP121 is going to be 12 inches.

The fact that the tablet uses Intel Core i5 speaks for itself and points to the fact that it claims to belong to the high end segment.

The 12’’ display will have multi-touch support. It is not known what the native resolution is going to be. It will also comprise webcam, slots for SD card, USB, HDMI output to stream video to the additional displays.

As for the software loaded it will be Microsoft Windows 7 with its Word, Excel, and Outlook.

The price tag is not that low though and is going to be about $10,000. Time will show how all these plans will be realized in the coming year and if the upcoming product is going to be a success in the market.