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First 3D website
Wednesday, 29 December 2010 17:52


Many people wonder if this is sofirst-3d-websitemething that expects Internet in the future. The website was named as a ‘world’s first 3D website.

The launch has taken place and those who want it get pleasure from it, need special spectacles, a 3D capable TV, and a browser, which is compatible for this purpose. If you have all this, you can enjoy the fun the first 3D website provides.

It differs from other websites, for instance, YouTube, which has been providing 3D content as well, because does not only show supplementary content, it offers a 3D interface too. The web resource features a 3D interface as well as additional content. The website announces with pride about being probably the first website of this type. It is also reported that the web resource was created to generate the development of new digital trend and innovative Stereoscopic 3D HD TVsets.

The founder of Stereografix Saif Chaundhry considers that great future is expected for this achievement. He believes in the potential and popularity of this television and says that people do not go to some place to buy something until they see these items online. He hopes that something just about the same will happen to 3D television and 3D will be used widely in the future.