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Instant result with Google Instant
Tuesday, 14 September 2010 04:06


Streaming result are going to save 2-5 seconds as query is processed according to the report of Marissa Mayer, the search executive. She also added that this news can sound not that good for SEO experts who have adjusted their mechanisms of work. The latest version of Google search engine lets predict what exactly you need. The duration of search as a rule is 25 seconds.

What makes this number? The person types generally for about 9 seconds, then it takes about a second to provide him with results and then the user studies them to click on the link he prefers. This stage takes for about 15 seconds.

According to estimations from 2 to 5 seconds are saved during the process. The users see grey letters as they type in query that can change the color as you press enter later on. But this feature is available only for those, who have the latest versions of browsers installed such as Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 8, Apple Safari. You should also have a Google account for that.

This is certainly important for Search Engine Optimization specialists who optimize the webpages. New system is going to change the situation and it will be harder to control the search and predict the outcome. Well adjusted process is going to be disrupted soon. Besides, this invention will also influence the work of Google AdWords.