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How much Google knows about you?
Thursday, 09 September 2010 00:00


Google faces more and more criticism concerning privacy policy. It was criticized already about Google Buzz, which revealed the contacts of Gmail users to others. Then Street View vans incident happened with gathering personal information from Wi-Fi networks which were unsecured. Google took measures in connection with this and informed about changes on last Friday. It introduced a new page with privacy tools on it.

Via Google Dashboard it is possible to learn much info about the person in case the person has an account for one of the Google services: Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Buzz, Google Docs, Picasa. Those who use instant messages, the make calls know that Google saves a record though the choice is given to them to delete the conversations.

Tool of Google, Ads Preferences, demonstrates likes and dislikes of users, their web habits as well. Cookies track the habits also and reveal the cookies name to others.

Search Personalization Opt-out lets users to thwart Google from its customization of search results on the basis of your previous activity.

Besides, the privacy policy was also shortened and made easier. Google has already agreed that it violated the privacy policy and made the decision to pay out 8.5million dollars to finish a lawsuit.