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Intel enters wireless Internet connection segment
Thursday, 02 September 2010 17:00


IntelIntel tries to get Internet-connected mobile-device segment buying Infineon’s business dealing with wireless chips. Its clients include Samsung, Nokia and Apple.

The rumors have been long circulating and it happened at last. Intel made a decision not to stay within the limits of server and PC processor enterprise.


This move was accepted as a sign that Atom platform made by Intel is not ready yet for market of mobile phones.

Intel’s sale of Xscale application processor took place four years ago. The buyer then was Marvell Techology Group. Mobile devices, such as Palm, Blackberry were using the chip line.

During the conference the Vice president of the company admitted that this decision will become a momentum for further development of Intel. The company is trying to keep abreast of time and not to lose control over important market sphere.

The President also expressed the opinion that this move makes the company a serious player on the market of Internet-connected devices.

The cost of Infineon is $1.4 billion. About 3,400 people working for Infineon are planning to shift over to Intel in the beginning of the next year.

The company is going to act as an independent enterprise.

The deal is certainly an important stage in the development of the company and strategic one. The craving for rapid speed Internet connectivity is a growing demand on the market nowadays.