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Links tries to reach accord with Google
Thursday, 02 September 2010 00:00 prolonged agreement concluded with Google Inc. on search advertising by 1 month as social-networking website in the property of the News Corp. attempts to obtain a new contract.

The discussions were confidential, but the source is aware of the details of the talks.

This is the second extension with Google. The company decided to pay $900 million for placement ads on the social network website for the period of 3 years. First agreement expired in June, then it was prolonged to the August inclusive. The President of MySpace Mike Jones is looking for the way to replace the agreement in the effort of reviving the website and introducing new features. The matter is that fell behind Facebook Inc. since April 2008.


Google and MySpace representatives declined to comment this situation.

MySpace announced that it is going to let its users sync accounts with other social network website - Facebook because it wants to alleviate sharing messages, games and photos over the Internet.

It was reported on the 4th of August that MySpace was desperately trying to receive a new accord with expiration of Google contract because its traffic fell drastically and, consequently, the income. Struggling with problems, the management tries to solve the problem taking different measures and deal with Google is one of them.