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Migration of Yahoo Search
Wednesday, 25 August 2010 00:00


yahoo search logoYahoo has finished the relocation of its web search functions to Bing search engine, which belongs to the Microsoft Corporation. There are a lot of expectations connected with this migration. Bing gets more powerful with this infusion as two companies united their efforts to get closer to their main competitor - Google.

The process of integration continues for a year after 2 companies Yahoo and Microsoft made a deal. Their statement about ten-year search agreement became historical and time will show what will come of it. Yahoo’s search website will be powered by Microsoft, and Yahoo is going to deal with sales of first-class search advertisers.

It is a landmark for the history of both companies. It was reported by senior vice president from one of Microsoft's services division that the transition passed smoothly and the search alliance has been progressed. She made a statement in a blog post about it.

As you know from the data published before, Yahoo and Microsoft made a decision to combine 28 percent of the American market share. Remember that about 66 percent of market share belongs to Google.

The development of cutting edge search potential is very expensive and Yahoo hopes to reduce the cost thanks to united efforts.