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Kindle lets users to lend books
Friday, 07 January 2011 14:46


Kindle owners will haKindle_Logove an opportunity to share chosen books with their friends for a couple of weeks...though at this time they are not able to read the books they borrowed.

The customers have been asking for this change for a long time and at last the Kindle fans received their gift. Those who wish to share just need to enter the address of the person and type in the name. But what about those friends who do not have Kindle reading device? This is not a problem. The selected books can still be read by your friends with the help of Amazon Kindle applications for computers.

Now only USA citizens can take advantage of the opportunity.  When the particular book is lended, the person can’t read it too. But after the person returns it (before 14 days pass) or after he runs out of time, the book comes back to the original owner.

“Your Orders” section will help clients to return the book ahead of time.

User of the Kindle has asked for a long time to be given a permission of lending books. The publisher will make a decision about the permission of every title. The experience is quite extraordinary and differs much from the usual lending of ordinary books. There is a hope that this will attract more customers and will urge them to acquire Kindle. Though Amazon is rather successful in it without any assistance. It is worth saying that Kindle became a best seller among gadgets.