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Apple iPod Touch Gains in Power and Versatility
Sunday, 05 September 2010 19:26


iPod Touch 4Apple's iPod Touch has been around since 2007, and a new fourth-generation model was released last week. Although it is still behind the awesome iPhone 4, it is far ahead of the previous model in terms of design and performance with the same pricing.

The fourth-generation device is more light-weight and looks more compact. The frame has a less pronounced curve than previous models, so it can lay safely on a flat surface. The volume rocker has been divided into two separate buttons. Most buttons and connections have retained their positions except the screen lock button, which is, unlike in the second- and third-generation products, is found on the right. Added to the connections is a speaker connection on the left side. The antenna window is no longer there. All connections are found at the bottom.

Apple's iPod Touch features two video cameras, one facing out and the other facing the user. With Apple's Facetime chat application, users can exchange video calls via email addresses and even make and send amateur video reports, switching cameras. Besides, it is possible to accept calls from both iPod Touch and iPhones. Even if you pause video, the voice chat is still on, so you can hear your chat mate. This option can be used via the integrated microphone, speaker, or a plug-in headset, which is not in the pack.

Touch has a new kind of rear-facing camera that features a sensor different from the one used in iPhone. It has no flash. Although it is not compatible with the HDR cam feature that is being incorporated into the iPhone, it opens up lots of new opportunities and options.

Although many new elements have been added to the new product, it has a whole load of features found in iPhone 4. The device uses the same A4 processor and the same 3.5-inch 960X640 resolution LCD display; a wi-fi antenna; there is also an advanced gyroscope.