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Long-expected Android Tablet (Video)
Thursday, 26 August 2010 08:02


android adobe tabletAs Web 2.0 Expo took place in San Francisco, Adobe demonstrated multi-touch Android tablet prototype with Flash and Adobe Air on it. In accordance with the message in Zedomax blog, the Flash plugin, which generally requires heavy resources from the computer, worked perfectly on it.


Though Adobe was kind enough showing demos, it was rather hard during the interview to get some information from engineers. The only things they said is that they collaborate with NVIDIA Corporation and that there are going to be many Android Tablets by the end of this year. It is difficult to say anything particular concerning the performance of some Android Tablet with or without Flash on it because no test unit has been received yet. For this reason its battery life also remains a concern as this is no less important.

Not mentioning Flash, Android tablets have big prospects in the future.  They are going to make a splash at the market and are eagerly expected. But though the anticipation is too long as their arrival to the market was promised to be earlier, they are worth waiting because their arrival will change the computer world.


Android operating system has many advantages. Flash capabilities have been mentioned already. It will run on smart phones, tablets and netbooks. The same operating system running on multiple devices makes everything easier for the user, but when you learn that the device is provided with USB-port, feature not offered by iPad, then high appreciation of this device is understandable. This benefit is really huge for we have so many forms of media supplied with USB port.


Having less restriction and adding more opportunities, Android based devices that are coming out soon, will be a tremendous success.