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Olympus campaigns to brawl with Google Glass
Thursday, 30 August 2012 20:29


Are you amazeolympus-logod by the latest innovation in the field of technology from the great Silicon Valley technologies form famous brand name like Google or Apple?

Then Olympus must be an awaited technology. You would want to experience it thoroughly. To your reality experience a feature of visual display is created where one can enjoy real digital world by sitting at home. Like for the first time introduction of skydiving of Google glass, Olympus has revealed its own product of reality glasses which is called the MEG4.0.

A recently press release has come up with a heads-up display system which uses Bluetooth for the display with a 320x240 pixel QVGA and has got a base machine which weights 30 grams or 1.12 ounce.

It has come up with the patent of TechChurch depending on which it has been working for past one decade with great ease and success.

It is the result of serious augmented reality of Project Glass by Google who break in the American market with a bang.  When one goes for a quick search in CNET mentions different Olympus related topics would come up.

It is not declared that when Olympus will come into action or when it will come live on internet and users will experience its thrill. Google launched its Glass service live to some developers in beta avatar for price of $1,500. Product of Olympus will possibly go on live in the year of 2014 says Sergey Brin.