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Apple fixed an issue related to instapaper app
Tuesday, 24 July 2012 12:58


Apple happily repappleorts that they have successfully resolved the problem causing crash to recently updated applications when they are just launched. Apple mentioned in one of their statements that only a few users got affected by this minor glitch.

Apple explained that they had just a temporary issue which began the previous day with the server generating DRM code for a number of applications being downloaded. This worldwide famous association has also promised that this problem will not occur again as they have correctly rectified the issue. They have also said that those users, who went through this problem caused by a server bug, may erase the affected application and can also re-download it.

The glitch occurred with the app called Instapaper. Marco Arment, the inventor of Instapaper, said that he was avalanched with lots of complaints from many users. The app Instapaper was getting "crashed immediately" just upon launch. The same issue occurred even if the users deleted Instapaper 4.2.3 and reinstalled the app in their devices again with a completely clean version.

After a serious inspection Marco Arment found out that the main culprit was the app’s corrupt update distributed by Apple through their App Store. He readily contacted Apple about this concerning issue and very soon a fresh, working update of Instapaper was distributed.



Later Apple acknowledged this app update issue and asked all to contact Apple directly to know whether the issue is with the App Store or the app itself.