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Leading e-commerce solutions in 2010
Tuesday, 28 December 2010 16:21


Among the open source e-coleading-e-commerce-solutions-in-2010mmerce solutions of this year PrestaShop became a special gain in 2010.

Tracking the popularity trends it was revealed that more customers apply to it thanks to the fact that this is easier alternative than many other free e-commerce solutions.

Analyzing market upon the whole, it is worth mentioning that 3 OSC software options continue to dominate the scene 0 these are osCommerce, CRE Loaded and Zen Cart. The breakthrough of Magento software changed the market of e-commerce considerably, but PrestaShop is more affordable because it is easier to deal with this software therefore it also entered the market and achieved much this year. It did not surpass Magento as was predicted by some analysts but it is very close to it.

The rivalry continues between these software solutions that feature similar advantages in its functional part. Being free of charge under OSL (Open Software License), both of them have such features as Customer Groups, RSS, Wish list, Product Comparison and some other. Any Magento programmer will be able to increase the functionality of PrestaShop if needed. Nowadays Prestashop can boast of 40 thousand websites throughout the world, which installed this open source solution.