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Skype 5 Beta 2 Released
Monday, 06 September 2010 14:16


Skype 5 releaseThe newly released Skype 5.0 beta has a number of advanced features and improvements, such as offline instant messaging, new search and add option, new Home area, post call experience, 10-way calling option, allowing for a talk with 10 people at the same time, and many more. The 10-way calling option comes as an upgrade from the 5-way chat option found in beta 1.

Enhanced call experience under problematic conditions will permit you to exchange messages with users who are currently offline. So far, it's been impossible to send a message to someone not connected. Beta 2 keeps messages on hold and delivers them when the addressee goes online, just like in ICQ.

The new Skype version features a built-in messaging service that keeps users informed of problems with calls, if any, and offers ways to solve them. The best thing is that the program will not permit you to lose your call. Should the connection be terminated for some reason, the Skype will automatically attempt to resume the call or, should it get dropped, inform you about the trouble and redial your call.

With the new Skype beta, you can enjoy a user friendly interface, view photos posted by your contact list members and read the history of conversations.

The new Home area will provide all sorts of information on the latest updates and purchases, your friend's mood and videos that help novice users feel at ease with Skype. The left-side part of the interface has a mood entrance area, by aid of which you can share your emotional state with your friends.

Skype beta 2 supports three new languages: Ukrainian, Indonesian and Vietnamese.

It should be noted that the 10-way calling feature will not be available to your friends, unless they have installed the new Skype beta 2. If you would like to try this option, make sure your friends have installed the new version. Skype beta 2 runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 2007. It is not available for Mac users yet.