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TouchBook is Coming Soon! (video)
Saturday, 28 August 2010 00:00


TouchBook presented by Always Innovating resembles usual netbook and the Ipod, but at a closer look you will see that its characteristic features are unique. Actually, the TouchBook united some features of them both, remaining exceptional at the same time.


TouchBook Always Innovating




The TouchBook can be used differently – in multiple forms, and one of these forms is a netbook with 8.9” screen and weight about 2 pounds. The tablet and the keyboard will cost you $399. The keyboard is a separate item at that. When it is not connected, the TouchBook works as touchscreen computer. The TouchBook features 3D accelerometer and ARM processor. Besides, it is possible to play iPhone games on the device. 10-15 hours of battery work guaranteed for you. One battery is in the keyboard of the TouchBook and the second one is in the tablet. It has 2 operating systems: one for the mode when it works with the keyboard and the other when you it is not attached and tablet works on its own. You can run not only Android operating system on it. The software is open and does not have fans. The device has 6 USB ports including the internal ones. One can fold it in a different way and it can be even attached to the fridge with its magnetic tablet part. It is really curious to have a look at it so let us wait for the release.