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Google strives to bring in native client for mobile devices
Monday, 18 June 2012 07:54


It is regoogle_logoported that, in the recent past, Google is into development of some new software that can boost the speed of games and other web browser based applications when used on mobile devices.

Reportedly this new project is named as Native Client. Google is expecting that this Native Client will help all of its application to run almost at the speed of a web application even when used on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. As of now Native Client is being used for PCs that are built on Intel’s X86 chips. Now Google is trying to adopt Native Client for all ARM processor based devices, such as smarphones and tablets.

Since the start of this project by Google, there have been several speculations surfacing on daily basis. The latest speculation in this regard says that Google withdrew from the project and adopted other approaches for the same aim of boosting speed of applications.  As usually, Lily Lin, the company spokeswomen had ruled out all such anonymous speculations and clarified that the Native Client project is still in progress.

Native Client software permits users to opt for C or C++ programmes for all its games and other apps. The basic aim of this software is to allow the mobile device browsers to download games and other applications directly from web pages without any compromise on speed of download.

The Native Client script is considered to be an alternative for JavaScript. Unlike any other software, this Native Client will be executing all programmes directly on the computing devices. This feature is expected to help in improving the speed at which games and other applications are run on web browser. Google is also working on another parallel project which is named as PNaCl which is expected to be compatible to all windows, Android and iOS based devices.

It is believed that the Native Client will not be available in Chrome on Android based devices. Despite the best efforts of the Google, the Native Client can not be used on all browsers. Previously Google has developed another software called Native Development Kit which allows all apps to run directly on device’s hardware.



Dave Burke, an engineer director of Google has clarified this issue saying that despite the existence of Native Development Kit, Native Client will be prepared relevant to the systems that are based on ARM. For example, Microsoft’s operating system is strongly associated with X86 based computers, but with induction of Windows 8 the company is trying to fetch onto ARM chips.

Dave Burke had mentioned in an interview in the month of February that the ecosystem of mobile is completely different. He also mentioned that they would make use of Native Development Kit also in developing the latest Native Client.

Native Client has not been completely adopted by all the game developers. Even now, almost all the game developers have been using several different languages to write softwares which are to be used in development of games. Very few game developers have tried their hand on Native Client and developed some of the games for it. Bastion and Wolf Toss are some of those newly developed Native Client based games. All these new games are made available for the users by Google on their Chrome’s web store.