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Skype is down on Christmas
Thursday, 23 December 2010 17:05


skype is downTwo thirds of all Skype users all over the world can't enter their accounts. The disruption was provoked by problem with peer-to-peer interconnection system.
According to the information received from Skype service about 5 million users are again online. A lot of messages remained undelivered. The download of Skype software is not available as well at the moment. Numerous of Skype supernodes, which work as directories for users of Skype and now engineers of the company are trying to make the new supernodes as fast as they can, but it takes time.
Anyway the service hopes to recover within several hours. It is the second case during the year when skype is down therefore millions of users are unable to make calls.
The loss of about 50% of daily traffic affected the company a lot. In summer it is going to have initial public offering (IPO) and now the part of the company belongs to eBay. The number of skype accounts is nearly 600 million, and people can call each other free of charge.
Skype encountered the same problem in the beginning of the year when the service was down for over 3 hours. And in summer of 2007 it was down for 36 hours. The efforts of the company are directed at the enhancement of the service. It tries to become a reliable one to be able to guarantee 100% uptime for its clients.