Best Parental Control


Version 1.0


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Best Parental Control was developed with just one and the most important mission, to our mind, which is to protect your kids from all the ill-natured corners of the web and make you feel calm and not to worry about what your kids watch, read and play.

One of the most spectacular feature of Best Parental Control as content filtering is carried out by means of  classifying the category of the web sites surfed by your kids via a number of technology layers that interact simultaneously to achieve the most stable and dependable online protection for your kids.

Subdividing all internet sites into subcategories provides you with a great possibility to manage your kids' online access by blocking the unwanted sites or allowing ones that will be beneficial for your kids.

Thanks to a variety of advanced techniques for classifying content, Best Parental Control has gained enormous popularity among our regular buyers.


Powerful Features:

- Effective chat content filter;

- Integrated Active Content Recognition (ACR);

- Provides Support for up to 10 profiles;

- Perfectly works with all known browsers even Google Chrome;

- Downloadable and quick installation.


Coming next month







Features Supported:

Best Parental Control has an easy-to-use interface that can assist you setting up filters and adding profiles with ease. This advanced software will provide support up to 10 profiles, having just one license. As a result, you get a profile for every member of your family. Separate and individual profiles can appear of great value, especially if they come in combination with different editable access levels and time periods.

Featuring 14 powerful preset filters that can block such categories of content, such as adult, gambling or dating, enables you to be certain and sure about your kids' online activities. Particular types of P2P file sharing protocols together with specific chat engines can be blocked as well for the purpose of highest protection.

Besides, we've added multilingual support to Best Parental Control.

The software can run in a wide choice of languages such as Arabic, Spanish or French. Despite the separation of different languages, the softer is able to scan and block unwanted resources that come in other languages.

Moreover, Best Parental Control has ability to create and to send email reports as well as regular alerts to your e-mail box.