Numerology explanation (part 4)


Number of Rational Thought

The numerology number of rational thought is the best way to describe your way of thinking.
Are you practical, preferring to act methodically, or a dreamer? Do you often let your imagination take you into a dream world? Will you be original in solving problems or prefer a traditional solution? This information can be gleaned from the number of rational thought.
Influence of the number of rational thought is greatly increased if you face an intellectual challenge. It is important to remember that this number has almost no effect if a matter under consideration lies in emotional sphere.
It is very difficult, and sometimes it takes some practice to understand how each number of card, especially not belonging to the core numbers, can influence certain areas. Novices usually have all the information that gives numerology, "poured in one melting pot" without considering how different areas affect each other. Some of the areas described by your map are often hidden, but they have a strong impact. So they should be read in conjunction with all other numbers.

Number of Challenges

Everyone is born with strengths and weaknesses of character. During educational process, a person must discover and develop your talents, and to transform weakness into strength. In general, that is the essence of our being.
Challenges are very important because they tell you about your specific weaknesses. If you know the nature of your weakness, you get a handy tool for turning weakness into strength. Without this knowledge you remain a victim. Your shortcomings are an obstacle between you and a full, rich experience and satisfaction of carrying this life.
Your life-determining number, birthday and challenge are based on the date of your birth. They link you to the moment when you come into this world and become a human being with a unique individuality. All these numbers are connected to each other and help to understand each other, they are essentially a single package of information.
There are four challenges, with which people can encounter in their lifetime. For most people, some challenges are heard repeatedly, for others – all four challenges are different. In fact, a challenge is a call for exploring some of the negative character traits, in other words, a life task.

Each challenge corresponds to a certain period of life, except the third, or main, challenge, which is stretched during the entire period from birth to death.
Challenges can occur not only at any certain year of life – their arrival and changes appear due to the dynamics of karmic debts. At time of your birth all of your challenges are with you.
The first challenge becomes relevant in the early period of your life, and often lasts until early adulthood, its duration depends on how soon you will face the problem and resolve it.
Before you've fully explored the first challenge, the second challenge will begin. The most intense second challenges come in adulthood.
The third, or main, challenge is unique. It can last throughout life, and its impact is stronger than that of the rest challenges.
The fourth and last challenge comes into force during the period of late maturity, and working with it falls on the final stage of life.

Number of Pinnacles

A pinnacle is a four long-term cycle in the way of life. Pinnacles are specific attributes that are assimilated into your life. This is measured by requirements and opportunities that the culmination of the cycle brings. You have to deal with properties of these climactic cycles. As a result, the culmination of the cycle adds something to your personality.
The first culmination of the cycle lasts from birth until the age of about 36 years minus your life-determining number. Each of the following two climactic cycles continues for 9 years. The fourth and the last, culminating cycle continues until your death.
Change of cycle always occurs between 9th and 1st personal year. The culmination of the cycle always occurs within a period of intense transformation of our lives. We start counting from the first climactic cycle, so each person can have only three shifts round the culmination of a lifetime.
You can prepare for the coming days in advance, knowing the number of future climactic cycle and the time when it begins.