Numerology explanation (part 3)


Number of Hidden Passion

Figures that appear in your name more than two times, show a particular area of your expertise or area of special talent.
Figuratively, a talent can be an entity that has a special power, which touches you in life. The presence of talent leads to your desire of developing it. Talent requires from you self-expression. You need to use this part of yourself and live according to the nature of this talent. Thus, hidden passions affect your life and rule it.

Number of Karmic Lessons

Karmic lessons are the area where we are weak and where we need to work during all lifetime. Karmic lessons can be numerous. Each letter of our name corresponds to a certain number. Some numbers may occur more than once in your first name, while others are absent. Karmic lessons point to absence of one or more one-digit numbers in your name. Karmic force appears when one number is repeated two or more times. The letters and numerals indicate your existing talents and abilities. These characteristics can be compared with a workshop, in which there is a certain set of tools available to you. The missing numbers that are not provided in your name, will show you unavailable tools, they indicate what you have to learn during life.
Typically, long names of 20 or more letters in which there are 8-9 figures are typical for talented people. This is usually a well-formed person, having varied interests and rich possibilities of overcoming obstacles.
Short names consisting of less than 15 letters, may also contain 8 or more single digits and indicate strong personalities, seeking power and trying to stand out from the crowd. They are endowed with many talents, they can be considered as fighters. They are cheerful, able to endure misfortune faster and easier than others.
People with long names, but with a small set of numbers, in varying degrees of repeated numbers, may have strong life paradoxes. On one hand, they are struggling with many obstacles to private life, faced with strong, sometimes violent passions. Frequently they do not have an ability, like a phoenix, to rise again and face the vicissitudes of fate. On the other hand, these people are often very talented in specific areas, they have ability to combine together all their forces to achieve a very high level in a particular area. Many famous actors, singers, scientists, military strategists, television presenters and experts have names not containing some of the figures, but these people have some kind of focus, which gives such a structure to their names.
For people in whose names 3 or more digits are missing, it is important to focus on career or vocation and to be able to withstand any challenges and circumstances. This name gives you energy, passing as if through a keyhole, and thus enables you to achieve great success in a particular area. But before you succeed, you must overcome the scourge of fate. Persistence and perseverance create the path to your happiness.

Number of Subconscious Confidence

confidence reflects the inner confidence in your strength and ability to react decisively to unexpected situations and under different circumstances. This number reflects the ability to correctly assess the situation and adequately react to it.


Number of Balance

Generally, people in different ways internally respond to the challenge of destiny. Some people shy away from difficult situations to ponder them over quietly, others are fleeing from their feelings, try to protect themselves from any sensual experiences. Some are experiencing rapid surge of emotions that quickly fades. Others do not directly express their feelings, but these feelings are stable.
Very often people evince emotional response, without forethought or analysis, a sort of inner strength as it compels us to react in that way. Mature approach and work upon yourself will help you learn new, more effective ways of communicating with the world and ways of solving problems. The number of balance helps us to get out of difficult or threatening situations.


Number of Maturity

The maturity number symbolizes an inner desire or dream, which gradually evokes by the age of thirty - thirty-five years. This internal target forces you to better understanding of yourself. With this knowledge, there comes confidence, true values of life and the right direction in life. It is the core enclosed in a shell, it is the gift of maturity. It is a sign that you will not waste time and energy on something that does not meet your true personality.
No matter what age you are at this moment, your life flows on a particular channel, heading for the goal. This goal can be regarded as a reward or as fulfillment of the promises that are not clearly expressed in your efforts. Often you do not even see this goal. The number of maturity is usually clearly manifested after 35 years. The influence of this number becomes greater and greater with age.
When you learn the method of calculating your maturity number, you will realize that it can be used to look into the future. This is a combination of life-determining number and number of expressions. Once the number of maturity affects your life, you are going to reach the point from which you can direct your resources (which are described in a number of expression) on the right road (given by the life-determining number). This number reflects the maturity path on which you correctly use your strength to pass your life tests.


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