Numerology explanation (part 2)


Number of Karmic Debts

Numerology is based on the ancient principle that each of us is a spiritual essence, or soul, which is embodied on the Earth for many times, gradually improving and accumulating knowledge. For a long evolutionary path of many incarnations, we have accumulated wisdom, making some regular choices, which have a positive impact on our future incarnations. We have committed many mistakes, and sometimes abused by those who had gifts of fate, unlike us. In order to eliminate bad impact of once accumulated errors, in this life we have to assume certain liabilities. In numerology, the scope of past mistakes and need to get rid of it were named karmic debts.


Number of Heart Desire

The number of heart's desires (the number of spiritual aspiration) is something that your name means: your inner nature, desires, closest to your heart. It reflects your internal motivation or the basic idea behind your actions. It determines the choice of life. Its influence extends to all areas of your life: career, environment, friends and lifestyle.


Number of Minor Heart Desire

A minor number of heart desire depends on the vowels that make up your short name. Short name is a reflection of more complex traits that depend on the full name. It sharpens and strengthens the energy contained in your full name, enhances some aspects of your life, and dims other aspects. That is why short name often lets you see what you really want in life. It reflects both your strong desires, and limitations that you are subject to.
This minor number of heart desire is great for many reasons. Try to analyze the number of heart desire after the minor number of heart desire, and try to understand what you are trying to hide or what to avoid.


Number of Personal Year

The influence of personal year begins in January and ends in December. Peak period equal to 3 months takes place at the end of each year. During the first three months of the year the influence of the previous year decreases, and the current year continues to build up energy. The highest energy level, and thus the highest influence are in September. After this period, influence of the subsequent year appears. Thus, there is a period in which the effect of two years is joint together: the impact of the old year wanes and the impact of the next year is increasing.
Influence of personal annual cycle is very strong, perhaps stronger than that of any other cycle. There are also other cycles that affect you at this time, but each of them acting on their own. Impact of cycles, based on date of birth, is felt as influence from outside. Events and circumstances resulting from other forces, change the charge or direction of your energy. The order in which stages follow one another, are always the same: 1, 2, 3 and so on up to 9, and then all over again.

Number of Personal Date and Month

Just as we enter a 9-year cycle, we feel the influence of 9-month and 9-day cycle, although they are less pronounced than the personal annual cycle. Personal monthly cycles and personal daily cycles are formed under the same scheme – from 1 to 9, as well as personal annual cycles. Numbers of month and day cycles have an effect similar to the corresponding number of personal annual cycle, although this effect is much weaker.