Numerology explanation (part 1)

Numerology Life path

Your life-determining number is the most important characteristic of your numerological card. No matter whether you believe this or not, your life story has begun long before you came into this world. This story has led you to the state in which you are now. And, from now on, you are fated to continue your personal evolution, with all constraints and opportunities that a human being usually meets with. Well, all the peculiarities and all milestones of this road, unknown and frightening, are in this or that way reflected in your life-determining number.


Number of Birthday

The number of day when you were born (your birthday) can provide a lot of information about who you are and in what area your talents lie. Your date of birth indicates some special abilities that you possess. The number of birth is one of the five core numbers of your numerological card.


Number of expression

Number of expressions reflects your physical and mental constitution, orientation of the goals in your life. Some believe that expression number is your destiny number, because it reflects long-term goals to which you aspire. This number reflects the expression of your inner purpose, sets of personality traits, which should belong to you.
The expression number is derived from your full name given at birth, middle name and surname. Specifically, it is the name recorded in your birth certificate. If at birth you were given several first names, use all these names to calculate the expression number. If you are adopted and have a name given to you by adoptive parents, use the original name given to you before adoption. If your name has a prefix "junior", "medium", "third" and the like, always strip them because they add nothing significant in your name.


Number of minor expression

Minor expression number is a summary of a "short" person's name.
"Short" name is the name which is most frequently used calling you. It is the name that you find most appropriate in your social environment. If you are married and changed your name, then it will be your \"short\" name. \"Short\" name is something that you use when thinking about yourself. Who are you? What name best reflects your inner self? Calculating the number of minor expressions, never use intermediate initials. Names that you used in the past express your feelings and characteristics of that period, not of now. If you no longer use that name, it no longer reflects your essence.
The effect of short name is weaker than that of full name. Interestingly, short name in some way compensates for the number (and its corresponding characteristics) of full name.


Personality number

Your individuality is a narrow hallway leading into a large room, which is your essence. Personality reflects the aspects that you consider acceptable in dealing with other people. Over time and with increase of confidence you allow others to the secret recesses of your soul. Personality number reflects your true essence better as a result of the influence of heart desires, expression and so on.
The individuality number is somewhat defining things that are important for you. It also defines the types of people and information, which are allowed to penetrate your heart and brain. Therefore, your individuality is a narrower definition of a concept than a real "me". It may also contain what you want or do not want to be, it can be applied to people and situations, but also misses the things closest to your inner nature.
Fortunately or unfortunately, this narrow corridor is a first impression that people get from you. It is either attractive and intriguing, or causing people to lose all interest in you.
Your identity number or minor individual number points out how others perceive you, which aspects of your personality you feel comfortable with, which traits you want to show to the outer world.
Your full name given at birth really reflects your essence, your potential self. Date of birth indicates the path you choose in this life, and all the opportunities and obstacles that you may face on this path. Your date of birth, or name given at birth can't be erased or rectified. They will assist you in effect for the worse or better, as long as you do not leave this world.
Your "short name" indicates what part of your potential you have realized. Also, it shows what aspects of your personality you like. It reflects what you have taken to the fore, enhanced or mitigated. \"Short name\" can be changed, in many cases repeatedly, so here you have a choice.
When you try to analyze your names and corresponding numbers, in most cases the preferred method is your personal intuition, combined with feelings of people close to you.


Minor personality number

This number reflects aspects of your personality with which you feel most comfortable.
Change of name, which can occur throughout life (e.g. in case of marriage or for professional reasons), would impose a significant imprint on your attitude towards others, because it changes your minor number and thus your identity. Therefore, as a rule, changing your name is not recommended, this should be approached with caution, perhaps, after consultation with numerology. When you get married, it is better to wear a double surname (hyphenated) – this adds new features to your personality without changing the essence of the whole.