Best Icon Groups FAQ

1. How to update Best Icon Groups.

1.1. Exit from currently installed icon groups application (right mouse click on tray icon, then 'Exit').

1.2. Uninstall current version. Start->All Programs->VeBest->Best Icon Groups->Unistall...  User data items, like groups, configuration, items & icons will not be uninstalled.

1.3. Download latest version of Best Icons Groups from product page (directly from VeBest site).

1.4. Install new version using onscreen instructions. All groups with all items inside will be saved for new version.


2. How to change group style.

Click by right mouse button on group shape and choose 'Group Properties'.

Select individual group style from 'Style' combo-box.


3. How to change all groups style (global style).

Click on Best Icon Groups icon using right mouse button and choose 'Settings'.

Choose 'Groups' tab.

Select required group style.


4. How to remove all items/icons from group back to desktop.

Click on group shape using right mouse button and choose 'Ungroup All Items'.


5. How to place many items/icons into one icon place.

Click on group using right mouse button, then choose 'Insert Stack'.

Place multiples items inside just created stack.