Birthday Numerology. Who are you? (Part 1)
Have you had your birthday yet? If not I bet you are having one present year, right? That is where birthday Numerology is able to provide some light on what you are all about and what work you are best suited to.
But, not only you either, with birthday numerology you are able to take a sneak view everybody else you recognize.

Your birthdate is the 1st number that turns crucial to you and it's the first figure that numerologically states something about you.

So here goes:

First- Logical and self-governing- best prepared for working for themselves as these people do not like to take orders!

 Second - Caring and considerate though can be full of emotions and excited. Working efficiently as 1 of a group. 

Third - Has lots of friends and expressive, good team to be around. Would function most beneficially while being in the public eye.

Fourth - Industrious, loyal and hardheaded. Is best fitted to the industry world .

 Fifth - Intelligible and really witty. Any task that involves traveling and mixture would suit them best. 

Sixth - Tends to perfection and believes that love actually does seize all! These humans like to serve, so spheres including teaching, wellness, prison or parentage would suit them fine.

Seventh - Bookish and unplayful - hard to get to know as they cannot share their emotions with ease. Scientific career can be their potential.

Eighth - Unselfish but sharp. Are commonly lucky where income is implicated. Business is what they do best.

Ninth - Really intelligent and and a bit generous. Should get married early. Could try themselves to nearly any career.

Tenth - Get bored easily and needs to do 1 thing on the go at one time - could get to the top in nearly any task with ease.

Eleventh - Amazing ideals, extreme intelligence, high-pitched maintenance! Very nonrational. Would be feeling at home acting within the metaphysical scientific disciplines.

Twelfth - Socialable, originative and full of imagery. Could do well in either project or legal professions.

Thirteenth - Earthy, self-disciplined and hardheaded. Would make a fantabulous office manager.

Fourteenth - Encouraging, adventuresome and creative with high-pitched criteria. Would make a fantabulous Critic.

Fifteenth - Original way thinking, magnetic and challenging. Could do well in Local Authorities or some society based projection.