Number 11 in Numerology
The minute I learnt the news, "someone just went down a plane into the World Trade Center!", I noted the day of the month: 9-11-2001. The tragical consequences that happened on Sept. 11, 2001 were born, elaborated, intercommunicated, scheduled and processed, explored, sacrificed for and rationalized through faith, long prior to ever blowing up onto the World scene, leaving excited, physical and religious massacre for all of us to assort through in our own path. What way we do that as human beings, a nation and each of us separately, within our own hearts, will ascertain how the following stage is adjusted for us and for other humans.

The figure 11 so conspicuously in this case that I have compiled a partial list of over seventy-four items associated with the catastrophe that have Master Number 11 as a center number and over a hundred words in sum that powerfully feature the figure 11 to demonstrate the 'theme' that "flavours" figure eleven in all spheres of life.
As in all demonstrations of energy, all figures consist of a positive to negative mutual opposition with a lot of points of mutation in between. On the positive side of the spectrum are the traits that discover the highest potential demonstration of a thing and on the negative part of the spectrum are the traits that discover the lowest imaginable accomplishes. Additional way of viewing it's that the positive end demonstrates qualities of brightness, fast, arrant, unadulterated, unstained, higher awareness, crystal clear ‘essence’ of a trembling (number), although the negative end demonstrates qualities of compact, heavy, dirty, choked off, fear-ridden, depressed awareness, self-defensive, unintelligible 'false face' of trembling. Every awareness falls someplace in-between and if we're consciously on a spectral path (all are on the spectral path on the way to polishing and distilling their palpitations but several just do not realize or admit it yet.) our lives are almost cleaning out and cleansing our tremblings so that we could be as close to our real essence and as pure an reflection of Source Energy - God - as imaginable. Every of us has the possibility (and task) to channel Paradise to Earth.

Master Numbers are extremely supercharged and as of their faster trembling, they're frequently seen in spheres that demand great responsibility or discreetness in an art form as well as a skill. As you are able to see in the table of details with the Master Number 11, this figure is discovered among notions associating with leaders, religious belief, political science and affairs of high impact the world over. In it's most complete form, and at it is about esoteric, Master Number 11 corresponds to "curing the fallen nature". Spiritual Healing is the innate cure for the fallen nature of "human race" and figure 11 corresponds the kind of mental, excited and physical condition that it will take to raise awareness to its most eminent (Holy) level.