Cell phones and media players video conversion advice

Cell phones features and capability are growing with each passing day.

Such factors, as:

- increasing the functionality of audio-video players and smart phones;

- the possibility of expanding the memory with flash cards;

- increasing the size and quality of the phone screens;

dramatically increased in popYou could changeularity and increased demand for playing multimedia files.

No matter if they're prepaid phones or post paid phones, all modern telephones can successfully reproduce audio files (including the most popular format of MP3). However video playback causes difficulties.

The limited resources of cell phones allow them to take off and farther more reproduce video in the special formats - 3GPP and MP4.

In addition to mobile phones, digital media players (based on flash memory or hard drives, such as the iPod).  have similar playback functions. Severe restrictions on power consumption, which leads to a limited performance, also does not allow these devices to play the widely used video formats.

The most common video format for such devices is MP4. It should be noted that although the MP4 used in many applications, however, for each type of phone and player, video should have the correct size. This all leads to the need for special program - video converter.

It must be said that the 3GPP and MP4, are defective compared with the usual user-computer video. This especially concerns 3GPP files that have poor video quality and terrible sound quality. MP4 somewhat better, but the quality is still worse than that of traditional video.

In addition to the format restrictions, restrictions on the quality of converted video capabilities impose a particular cell phone. Phones with a weak processor can play back audio and video files with interruptions and "artifacts". To avoid such effects customers need to use the program with specially prepared preset for your phone or player.

Usually conversion process is slow and can take hours of computer time.

As main advantage of 3GPP and MP4 can be called a very small size of the converted video - in dozens and sometimes hundreds times less than the original video. This allows you to fit a few movies even on the smallest flash card.

VeBest offers users one of those decisions. A set of programs for converting your video from popular formats (such as AVI, WMV, DVD) into MP4 format for your phone.

The program is specifically configured for use with specific types of phones (iPhone, Nokia, iPod, PSP, and others), which facilitates the user choose the correct settings for a successful video conversion.

Developed using innovative technology, video converter shows the highest rate of conversion of audio and video data, with excellent quality results.

The program is so easy to use, that does not require start up time to study the documentation and the program itself. At the first launch, a sequence of actions will be obvious. For users experiencing difficulties with the use, we have prepared a short video lessons.

Our users enjoy all the benefits of using our software for video conversion.